I have recently become a fan of online forums, and have found some excellent information to help me in my online marketing efforts.

I found one post where someone actually asked the question in the above title. How can I make an extra $10 a day?, he asked. At first, you may not think $10 is a lot, especially if you are looking to make big money online. However, if you are just starting out, an extra $300 is certainly not bad at all. This extra money can not only boost your confidence, but can provide extra capital to spend on marketing efforts that can bring even greater success.

There are plenty of other ways to earn part time money (go apply at your local Walmart for example). However, if you are looking to accomplish this from the comfort of your own home on your own time, these tips will help.

What are some the suggested actions to make an additional $10 per day? Here are some tips that were listed:

  1. Freelance work – There are numerous sites where you can offer your services, such as freelance and elance.
  2. fiverr – same as above. You can ask $5 for almost any task or service possible. Think of a talent you have and advertise your services here.
  3. Website development – There are billions of tutorials and articles regarding SEO and website promotion and advertising. Spend some time in your “classroom”, put these tips to practice, and use tools like Google Adsense, and affiliate ads. In fact, if you don’t have the funds for your own hosted site right away, blogger (Google’s blogging platform) is free and easy, and automatically incorporates AdSense to your articles.
  4. Survey sites – There are many online survey sites that will pay a small fee for your opinion. This is a very tedious way to go about it, but you can make an extra $10 or more per day if you stick to it.
  5. Mystery shopping – I can vouch for this one. I consistently average $10 a day doing this. I will provide a full article on the benefits of mystery shopping in the very near future.
  6. Since I mentioned forums easier I will say…forums! After you contribute a certain amount of value, you are allowed a signature whenever you comment or add information. In this signature you can include a link to your site or product, thus increasing sales.

These are just a few suggestions. Do you have any further suggestions? Please feel free to comment and add your suggestions. I certainly hope your $10 per day soon becomes $100. Have an excellent day!

I will include a link to the forum thread I mentioned. Enjoy : )


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Many people are looking for the magic ingredients for success. Once found, they can certainly increase the levels of success in life. I will say that they are not difficult to find. In fact, when you consider successful people in all areas of life, you will see that many have the same consistent characteristics that lead to their success.

Several months ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to watch my 8th grade daughter receive two academic awards. It was certainly one of those proud Dad moments : ) It was a beautiful ceremony as many other students in the school received awards as well.

The best part about the entire ceremony, especially for the bigger awards, was how the teacher wrote a summary about the accomplishments of each student, and why they were presented the award. As the evening wore on, the same theme seemed to present itself with each student being described. There was a pattern of characteristics that each student seemed to possess. Those characteristics are:

1. Passion
2. Joy
3. Dedication
4. Willingness to assist others

Every one of the students had at least one of these traits, if not all of them. The teachers talked of how the students entered the room with a smile on their face, never gave up, did whatever they were asked to do without complaint, and often helped other students without even being asked to do so. It’s no wonder they earned these awards.

I thought as this ceremony went on, that if a 14 year old is able to figure out that this formula for success, why can’t many adults? I thought of situations in my own life. When I succeed, it is because I demonstrate these traits. When I fail, it’s because I often lack the these qualities.

I present this info and challenge to you, my valued reader. If success is far from you or things aren’t going your way, take a closer look at these 4 desirable traits, and focus on each one of them. Then take the steps necessary to make success happen. When you are joyful, dedicated, passionate, and willing to help others reach their success, there is no goal you cannot accomplish. Perhaps I will see you on stage very soon. Enjoy the blessings : )

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The work at home program “No Money No Problem”, is a program developed by the Home Biz Wiz, Frank Jones. It is designed to help the online marketing newbie as well as someone who has some experience and is looking for another way to make some money online. Check it out here…


I was somewhere in between when I decided to try this program. I had some experience selling online, but I hadn’t had a great deal of success, and this seemed like a simple program. I decided to give it a try.

I will say that if you are looking for something easy with very little investment necessary, this is a great program to start. You pay a one time fee of $47. Then another one time $10 fee is necessary for domain hosting, and another few dollars for the domain. You can buy .info and other domains for as little as $2 per year.

You definitely receive many resources for this investment. First, you are provided your own website. The same site that attracted me to buy the program is the one I use to promote to others. The best part about this program is the resources you are provided. Even if you never make a single sale, the resources you receive are alone worth the $47. Some of those include…ad and article writing tips, creating compelling headlines, how to promote using free advertising and safelists, and more. You are also provided a series of training videos which provide step by step instructions. Furthermore, you are provided a series of e-books which you can use to help yourself and even use as promotion tools.

Once you become a member, it is simply your job to promote the product to others. If someone buys the program from your website, you earn a 100% commission of $47. That’s right. All it takes is one sale to earn your investment back.

Ok, I know you are wondering if you can make money from this program. My answer is a definite yes. If you follow the guidelines that are provided you can and will make money. Please know that you will not strike it rich with this program, especially compared with some others. However, I have made sales. I had to spend some extra time to make them, but I know it is possible.

If there is a drawback to this program, it is first what I mentioned above. With the techniques provided, you need to do things the hard way. To his credit, Jones is trying to teach you to promote the product using free methods. I appreciated that, especially because I did not have a great amount of money to invest. The problem is that these methods take much longer to see results. Another drawback goes with a compliment. Jones provides so much helpful information. However, there is so much more that is left out. I understand that you can’t explain everything, but other helpful information will cost you. For example, he says that one tool that will enhance sales is a squeeze page. He offers to build the squeeze page for you, but it will cost you another $49. I’ve worked with other programs that show you how to do it yourself.

As far was whether this program will work for you, obviously that’s something you would need to decide. In case you are wondering, it is nothing close to a scam. Frank Jones takes your success seriously, and provides materials worth far more than the $47 you invest. As mentioned, these resources make the purchase worth it on their own. When you make sales, you get these resources along with your profit. You will just have to work a bit harder and be more creative to make a large number of sales.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive program that will provide lots of help in your online business, and make a decent income very possible, I suggest you try this program. You definitely won’t have a problem. Click here for more info…


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In my efforts to be successful online, I am always looking for ways to increase my effectiveness. Here is one such way to do so.

I am a firm believer in the power of using subliminal video and audio to increase brain power. Does it work? It has proven to be effective. That’s because we cannot consciously block the positive messages that are being sent to our subconscious mind. The messages that are viewed or heard go directly to the subconscious, which is where our beliefs are formed. Once it is convinced of something, we act it out in confidence.

There are many subliminal videos available. However, I will recommend one that I’ve used and enjoyed often.  It is called the Subliminal Sales Success Secret. Positive messages are flashed subliminally. Some examples are, “I take massive action”, “I exceed expectations”, “I visualize success”. As you are constantly seeing these messages, they are being entrenched into your brain. The more you watch this video, the more entrenched these messages will become. As mentioned, you start to believe it. You truly believe that you can exceed expectations. As a result, you start taking the “massive action” to do so.

Another great thing about this video, is that there is an audio track that accompanies the subliminal messages. The audio is not subliminal. However, it features more powerful, uplifting commentary that compliments the positive subliminal messages.

Will your sales increase because of this video? Yes and no. A video won’t usually help you succeed. However, this video will certainly help develop the positive, faithful attitude you need to be successful in sales or anything in life. Even if I don’t see dramatic increases of sales at times, I always come away from this video feeling more positive and capable. It affects my day in a powerful way. I benefit, as do the people around me. It brings an attitude of success, and my day will usually end up that way.

I strongly suggest you watch this video on a regular basis. It’s only 8 minutes long. If you watch it even twice a day regularly, I can tell you from experience that you will be empowered. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Please let me know how it affects you and helps you succeed. I have included the link at the end of this entry. Have an excellent day!

Subliminal Sales Secret

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The above question about providing is one of the most important ones you can ask yourself as an internet marketer.

It’s a simple formula. The more value you can provide, the more successful you will be. In fact, it’s those that go above and beyond and provide better than expected value that have the greatest success stories to tell.

So I ask you…what kind of value can you provide? Ask yourself this question every day. The answer may be different each time, but that’s OK. The cool thing is that when you ask your mind a question, it feels compelled to provide an answer. When you receive that answer take it and run with it. Do whatever you feel you need to do to provide exceptional value.

If you are looking to gain popularity online and in life in general, this is the way to do it. People seek those that can add and provide value. If you are seen as someone who can do this, you will be sought after from all angles. You will stand out from the huge crowd and be provided with unlimited opportunities, all by answering this simple question….”what can I do to provide value?”.

As always, if you have any further suggestions or information to add, you are welcome to do so. Have an awesome day!

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Russell Brunson is an online millionaire. And when an internet marketing millionaire invites me to a training course to learn the tricks of the trade, I am listening. This training course is called DotComSecretsX. Check it out here…


DotComSecretsX is one of several internet programs and products that Russell Brunson offers. For me, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I had hit a snag with my internet marketing endeavors. I had mild success before, but I had some questions that I needed answered in order to take my success to a higher level. If only I could find those answers.

It’s funny how, when you pray for answers, they arrive quickly. I received an email from another internet marketer about DotComSecretsX. The ad said that this online millionaire was looking for recruits interested in enhancing their online success. Sounds good so far. However, here’s what hooked me…In all other cases I’ve ever seen, someone like this has you buy their product or course (usually anywhere from $35-99) and then they teach you the tricks. This was different. All Brunson asks for up front is $1. He then provides 30 days of training to provide you with the necessary information to set you up for success. Then if you wish to continue after 30 days, you pay $97 a month to continue the training course and remain as  a member.

Why will this work for you? 

This course is well worth the $1, as well as the time and effort you will put into it. A different video tutorial is provided each day. Not only does he explain how things work, but you receive detailed, hands-on explanations of how to set things up, use the information, and find other ways to make money with the information provided. For example, he explains that the most important thing you need for online success is an e-mail list. He then explains how to set up your list by using a squeeze page and autoresponder. Detailed information is provided on how to set both of those up. It literally takes minutes.

Once the basics are set up, you then learn the art of setting up an advertising sequence, where and how to advertise, and finding both free and paid ways to build your list. Later in the training he shifts gears and explains how to set up a website and get traffic to it. This is followed up with alternative methods to advertise, such as forum marketing.

Why might this not work for you?

You may be thinking, I get all this for $1? What could possibly be wrong this and how could it not work for me? I will tell you that the positives far outweigh the negatives. The biggest problem I find with this is that this millionaire that has had great success online, tends to assume that we have a great deal of extra money to throw around to make this work. I know from experience that many people just starting out in this business have very little to any extra money to invest. We’re here to make money instead of spend it, right?

Speaking of money, $97 is a lot to ask for a month, especially if it’s not in the budget and you haven’t had a lot of success yet. When the 30 days is close to being up, you will have a decision to make about whether to continue or not.

One last thing I had a bit of a problem with is another assumption. That being that everyone has a vast technical knowledge. They do a great job of providing step by step explanations, but don’t seem to realize it may take some people with limited technical knowledge significantly longer to figure some of these things out.


My opinion is that you cannot go wrong with this program. For $1, I received answers to questions I’ve had for years, and I received them in the first week. It is impossible not to learn from these videos and the additional information that was provided. I’ve learned more from this program (paying only $1) than I’ve learned from others that I’ve paid $50 for. Yes, I’ve heard complaints that he’s left some things out, but for $1, I’ve received far more than I’ve bargained for. In fact it’s a good idea to get information from other sources as well instead of relying on only one person for help.

Can this program earn you money?

Not only can this program significantly improve your income, but it can do so in as little as a week and a half. Like anything else, if you think you will become rich quick without doing the work, then you may consider going somewhere else. However, if you follow the steps correctly, and are willing to spend some money on advertising, you can certainly see a spike in subscribers and sales.

The best advice I can provide is to try it for yourself. Try it for $1, learn a ton of great information, then decide if you want to spend the money to continue after the 30 day trial expires. Please feel free to comment and share how this program helped you. I look forward to hearing from you : )


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I have been a part of the online world for several years now. I have sold items online, I’ve had several blogs (two of which are still live), I use social media, and have written my own e-book.

One part of the online world that has intrigued me is online marketing. I have learned a great deal of information from many successful online marketers, and I have used this knowledge to enable my own success. I have also tried several programs to enhance my success. Some have helped, some have not.

I now take the next step in the online/affiliate marketing world and share the information I have learned, and the experiences I have gained with you, my readers. As I continue to learn, I will continue to share in hopes that I can take you to a higher level in your own internet marketing adventures.

As mentioned, I am not new to blogging, as I have several other successful sites around the world wide web. In this new endeavor, I am simply blogging about a different topic that I am very interested in. It is my hope that I can relay this enthusiasm and knowledge to help you and others as well.

Have an excellent day!

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