“Any goal fixed firmly in the mind and mixed with faith will be realized”.  - Joseph Murphy.

I often refer to the above quote when I begin to doubt or if I need a quick inspiration. I have seen too much proof of its truth in my life for me not to believe it. I now pass it on to you. Simply visualize your goal and its successful completion as often as possible. KNOW that it will come to pass at the right time and it will. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s to your success…

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No one wants to waste money, do they? I wouldn’t think so. However, there are many small ways that people spend money unnecessarily. Sometimes you do so without even realizing it.

Wasting valuable money is never a good thing. Many people starting an online business don’t have much money to start with, and need all they can get for start-up and advertising costs.

The following example is a helpful one in helping to determine unnecessary costs. It is an article from Dave Ramsey that shares 10 things the typical American wastes money on. I agree with most of these. You may not agree with all, but I find the article very valuable in helping me find other areas of my life where I am spending money on things I don’t exactly need to. This is money I can be using towards my own online costs, or other areas such as food, repairs, etc. Please feel free to share and add any others you can think of. The link is below. Have an excellent day : )


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