I recently wrote an article about the benefits of using eBay Pulse to help determine what is best for you to sell on eBay. As I mentioned, it’s a great way to find great-selling items within your niche, and help you avoid selling items in oversaturated markets.

There are further options you can pursue in determining what to sell on eBay. I will discuss one particular place on the eBay site that is not often talked about. However, it’s extremely helpful. Part of determining what to sell is knowing what people want, right? This site is exactly that. It’s called “Want It Now”. It’s exactly what you need because it’s a listing of people stating exactly what they are looking for.

This Want It Now section can not only help you determine what to sell, but utilizing it correctly can actually help you distinguish yourself among other sellers. This is because you are focusing on one of the great success concepts of sales…you are catering to people’s needs. They are posting here because they’ve already looked on the eBay listings for what they want. Either they can’t find it, or they are not satisfied with what is available. If you utilize this section of eBay, you are in essence responding to people’s cry for help in finding a particular item. Even better, these are people who are ready and willing to buy. Show them you have what they need and provide good customer service, and you should have little difficulty making a sale.

If there is one difficulty on using this page, it is that the search function can be a bit too general. Unlike the main eBay page, you are better off using the category listing to find products along the lines of what you are selling. When you do this you will find the number of people searching for these items. Obviously the higher the number, the better. You can also break it down by subcategory to narrow your search and find those hidden gem niche items that people may be looking for.

It is amazing how many eBay sellers avoid utlizing this excellent resource. To me, it can’t be any more obvious. People are telling you exactly what you want, so why not respond and provide what they are looking for?

For more helpful selling advice, I recommend you check out this free e-book, How to Make Money on eBay. In the meantime, happy selling :)

Published: February 6, 2014, 20:42 | No Comments
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