Anyone involved in online sales, or any sales for that matter is always looking for the best way to convince their customer that the product they’re selling is right for them. There are different ways to do this, some more aggressive than others.

I was reminded recently about a subtle, yet powerful method to persuade people in general, and turn potential buyers into regular customers. I learned this method from Dale Carnegie and his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

Here’s the tip he provides…The key is to get your customer or the person you are trying to persuade to say YES! It makes sense. Yes is the most affirmative word in the English language. Your job is to get the other person to say yes as many times as possible. You accomplish this by asking questions that you know will bring a yes answer.

Can this work anywhere? I have used it regularly in my middle school classroom. In order to persuade my students to follow my classroom expectations I have several options…I can drill them into their heads, I can bring negative behaviors to their attention every time, or I can use this method. Instead of nagging about what they’ve done wrong, I address it a different way. For example…”don’t you think it would be easier for you to get good grades when you remain focused? “Do you want to stay out of the detention room?” “Do you think other students will be more respectful to you if you are nicer to them?” These are just a few examples. Which one of the methods above works the best? I think even on an 8th grade level the answer is obvious. It’s a softer approach, yet the message gets through loud and clear. I am addressing, yet avoiding focus on the negative. And the best part is that the other person is making up their own mind instead of me telling them what’s right.

The same is true in sales. The key is to get your customer to answer yes as often as possible. Your job is to ask questions about their needs that you believe will produce an affirmative response. There are several benefits to doing this. The first is that you are asking legitimate questions to get the best idea of what your potential customer needs. The best questions are ones where your answers are the solutions. For example…wouldn’t it be great to have one resource that can answer all of your internet marketing questions? Are you looking for something that can save you time and money? Most people will say yes to these types of questions. These are general, and it is recommended that you use more specific and personal questions as well.

Another reason this technique is so powerful is because of the positive reinforcement in the mind. As you are making your presentation and the customer continues to say yes, his/her mind is in a more affirmative state. They are more open to what you are saying, and are making a positive connection between what they need and what you are offering. The great thing is you are not doing this in a forceful, aggressive manner. Also, the other person is thinking and deciding for themselves, and are less likely to feel pressured.

As mentioned, this method (that was first actually presented by Socrates) is helpful and useful in all areas of life. I suggest you use this powerful idea. Ask people questions that will bring a YES response. By doing so, you are much more likely to win their agreement, respect, and perhaps their business. Is this something that would make your life better?


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The main point of sales and marketing is to convince people to buy your products and services, right? I would agree. Now, here are two small ads promoting a product. Which one are you more likely to buy from?

Product X is the best product on the market. It’s inexpensive and can solve all of your problems regarding ______. Click here to get yours today.


Many people have difficulty with ____________ It is a common problem that is not easily solved. However, it can be done. For more information about improving your _________ I recommend you check out ________ You can access it by clicking here….

I understand that these are rough, poorly written ads, but they are basic examples to prove my point. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything yet, which one are you most likely to consider first? If you’re like most, you would probably go to the second one. Why? Because the first ad seems too much like a sales pitch. Even though both of these are sales pitches, the first one is more likely to drive people away. It’s simply because people don’t like to feel like they are being sold to. They are more likely to go to someone who they believe has their best interests in mind. The second article seems less like a sales pitch, and more like something that can help me with my problem.

Some people may argue that in order to succeed in sales, one needs to be aggressive. It’s true that you can’t take a passive approach. However, many internet marketers, especially new sellers, depend too much on this aggressive sales approach. Can it work? I suppose, but most likely only in the short run. Those with the most long term success are the ones that focus on helping their potential customer find solutions to their problems, and coming across as the person that can help. The potential for long term relationships is greater, which ultimately results in more sales. Here’s an example of an article I wrote recently with this “solutions” concept in mind…. 7 Reasons You Are Not Making Money Online…And One Solution.

I will echo the truth again that the sales business is not for the passive, and one needs to aggressively pursue potential customers. However, the focus still needs to be on being the guide to helping people find the solutions they are seeking. In that case, more times than not, the product you are selling will sell itself with no aggressive pitches needed.

Avoid sounding like a sales pitch and turning potential customers away. Instead, be their greatest help in finding the solutions they are craving. Then you will have a customer for life :)


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I recently read an article that contained 5 life changing lessons from Zig Ziglar. I have learned that you can’t go wrong with Zig Ziglar, so besides taking them into my own memory and action bank, I share these thoughts with you today:

  1. Motivation – It’s up to you to get yourself motivated. the key is to start each day with a motivational quote, thought, or anything to get your mind in the right frame of mind. When you start the day in a positive frame of mind, you are more likely to stay there.
  2. Positive self-talk – Yes, it is ok to talk to yourself. As long as the language is positive and it builds you up. As often as you can, say great things to yourself. As what occurs when other people say things to you, your mind takes it in and starts to believe it. You may have heard this described as positive affirmations. Use these often through the day. Here are some tips on how to do that effectively… 7 Excellent Positive Affirmation Tips
  3. Write down your goals – You need to have a written goal plan and stick to it. You may also want to write down each of the steps you will take to make it happen.
  4. Take small steps – Rome wasn’t built in a day. When you take smaller steps it builds your confidence as you see things getting done. These small steps tend to snowball into greater accomplishments.
  5. Use stories – In your writing, marketing, presenting, or whatever else you do. It’s a simple fact that people listen and learn from stories.

These are 5 small steps. However, I can attest personally for their power and effectiveness. For more details, here’s a link to the article I took these tips from… 5 Life-Changing Lessons From Zig Ziglar

Finally, you may want to check out this other 5 step formula to rapidly manifest your goals… The Ease and Keys of Rapid Manifestation

Of course you have further tips that work for you, I welcome you to share them for other readers here. Have an awesome day :)

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If you haven’t discovered it already, making money online can be difficult, especially for the beginner. These are some roadblocks newbies face….

  1. No product to sell – How can I make money if I have nothing to sell?
  2. Costs – I know from experience that it is difficult to start making money when you don’t have the funds to spend on marketing, ads, and helpful products.
  3. No computer skills – If you are like me, your computer skills are basic at best. Good for you if you excel in this area.
  4. Lack of sales – It can be frustrating jumping into the online sales pool and not seeing sales.
  5. Lack of Knowledge – In this big game it’s easy to feel small and lost, not knowing the next steps to take.
  6. Time – It takes time and work to succeed online. If you have a day job and other obligations you know how frustrating it could be to find even a little bit of time.
  7. Never made money online before. Do you wonder if you ever will?

I don’t mean to paint a negative picture here, though these are realities that new online marketers often face. The point of this article is to actually encourage you. If you have faced one, some, or all of these obstacles, I offer a solution. It is called No Money No Problem. Here’s how it can help anyone involved in internet marketing, from the experienced marketer to the newbie who is just getting their feet wet. It addresses all of the above roadblocks. It provides a product to sell that people are eager to get their hands on; there is no need to spend money on advertising and the start-up costs are NOT high; no special computer skills are needed. Simply follow the steps provided; you can start making money with within 24 hours; you can be up and running with this within a day or two and can spend as much or little time working this business as you like.

If this sounds like the solution to you online marketing obstacles, get started now by checking out the site for further information…

No Money No Problem



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Everyone is always looking for proven ways to increase sales. In addition, we are always seeking ways we can so at little or no cost. I recently found an excellent resource from Charlie Page, a proven online sales veteran. Charlie is the owner of the Directory of Ezines, and provides a great deal of free and helpful information as well.

I recently received a newsletter from him that inspired me, and I felt the need to pass it on to my readers as well. It’s a list of 5 free and simple ways to increase traffic and sales:

  1. Links to Facebook and other Social Media pages
  2. Add a link to your e-mail signature
  3. Daily posts to your blog
  4. Comment often on other blogs and forums in your niche
  5. Help someone else achieve their goals.

I like this list because it showed me some things I am doing right, and some other suggestions to try. It is amazing how simple it is to do each of these. Yes, it takes work and persistence, but these small and free steps can ultimately increase traffic over an extended period of time, ultimately increasing your number of sales.

I share the link here with you in hopes that you will read the full article. Charlie provides full details and tips in each category, and I’m sure it will help you as it has me. As always, I encourage you to add any comments and suggestions as well :)

5 Free Ways to Sell More

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