4 Traits That Can Bring You Success

Many people are looking for the magic ingredients for success. Once found, they can certainly increase the levels of success in life. I will say that they are not difficult to find. In fact, when you consider successful people in all areas of life, you will see that many have the same consistent characteristics that lead to their success.

Several months ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to watch my 8th grade daughter receive two academic awards. It was certainly one of those proud Dad moments : ) It was a beautiful ceremony as many other students in the school received awards as well.

The best part about the entire ceremony, especially for the bigger awards, was how the teacher wrote a summary about the accomplishments of each student, and why they were presented the award. As the evening wore on, the same theme seemed to present itself with each student being described. There was a pattern of characteristics that each student seemed to possess. Those characteristics are:

1. Passion
2. Joy
3. Dedication
4. Willingness to assist others

Every one of the students had at least one of these traits, if not all of them. The teachers talked of how the students entered the room with a smile on their face, never gave up, did whatever they were asked to do without complaint, and often helped other students without even being asked to do so. It’s no wonder they earned these awards.

I thought as this ceremony went on, that if a 14 year old is able to figure out that this formula for success, why can’t many adults? I thought of situations in my own life. When I succeed, it is because I demonstrate these traits. When I fail, it’s because I often lack the these qualities.

I present this info and challenge to you, my valued reader. If success is far from you or things aren’t going your way, take a closer look at these 4 desirable traits, and focus on each one of them. Then take the steps necessary to make success happen. When you are joyful, dedicated, passionate, and willing to help others reach their success, there is no goal you cannot accomplish. Perhaps I will see you on stage very soon. Enjoy the blessings : )

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