An Honest Customer Review Of DotComSecretsX

Russell Brunson is an online millionaire. And when an internet marketing millionaire invites me to a training course to learn the tricks of the trade, I am listening. This training course is called DotComSecretsX. Check it out here…

DotComSecretsX is one of several internet programs and products that Russell Brunson offers. For me, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I had hit a snag with my internet marketing endeavors. I had mild success before, but I had some questions that I needed answered in order to take my success to a higher level. If only I could find those answers.

It’s funny how, when you pray for answers, they arrive quickly. I received an email from another internet marketer about DotComSecretsX. The ad said that this online millionaire was looking for recruits interested in enhancing their online success. Sounds good so far. However, here’s what hooked me…In all other cases I’ve ever seen, someone like this has you buy their product or course (usually anywhere from $35-99) and then they teach you the tricks. This was different. All Brunson asks for up front is $1. He then provides 30 days of training to provide you with the necessary information to set you up for success. Then if you wish to continue after 30 days, you pay $97 a month to continue the training course and remain as  a member.

Why will this work for you? 

This course is well worth the $1, as well as the time and effort you will put into it. A different video tutorial is provided each day. Not only does he explain how things work, but you receive detailed, hands-on explanations of how to set things up, use the information, and find other ways to make money with the information provided. For example, he explains that the most important thing you need for online success is an e-mail list. He then explains how to set up your list by using a squeeze page and autoresponder. Detailed information is provided on how to set both of those up. It literally takes minutes.

Once the basics are set up, you then learn the art of setting up an advertising sequence, where and how to advertise, and finding both free and paid ways to build your list. Later in the training he shifts gears and explains how to set up a website and get traffic to it. This is followed up with alternative methods to advertise, such as forum marketing.

Why might this not work for you?

You may be thinking, I get all this for $1? What could possibly be wrong this and how could it not work for me? I will tell you that the positives far outweigh the negatives. The biggest problem I find with this is that this millionaire that has had great success online, tends to assume that we have a great deal of extra money to throw around to make this work. I know from experience that many people just starting out in this business have very little to any extra money to invest. We’re here to make money instead of spend it, right?

Speaking of money, $97 is a lot to ask for a month, especially if it’s not in the budget and you haven’t had a lot of success yet. When the 30 days is close to being up, you will have a decision to make about whether to continue or not.

One last thing I had a bit of a problem with is another assumption. That being that everyone has a vast technical knowledge. They do a great job of providing step by step explanations, but don’t seem to realize it may take some people with limited technical knowledge significantly longer to figure some of these things out.


My opinion is that you cannot go wrong with this program. For $1, I received answers to questions I’ve had for years, and I received them in the first week. It is impossible not to learn from these videos and the additional information that was provided. I’ve learned more from this program (paying only $1) than I’ve learned from others that I’ve paid $50 for. Yes, I’ve heard complaints that he’s left some things out, but for $1, I’ve received far more than I’ve bargained for. In fact it’s a good idea to get information from other sources as well instead of relying on only one person for help.

Can this program earn you money?

Not only can this program significantly improve your income, but it can do so in as little as a week and a half. Like anything else, if you think you will become rich quick without doing the work, then you may consider going somewhere else. However, if you follow the steps correctly, and are willing to spend some money on advertising, you can certainly see a spike in subscribers and sales.

The best advice I can provide is to try it for yourself. Try it for $1, learn a ton of great information, then decide if you want to spend the money to continue after the 30 day trial expires. Please feel free to comment and share how this program helped you. I look forward to hearing from you : )

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