Create Something That Will Make the World Awesome

The other day, I was “pep-talked”. That’s right. I was provided some guided inspiration that I was made to dance and make a difference in this world, but it wasn’t going to happen by just sitting there.

The ironic thing is that this speech was from a kid. He claims he’s not that smart because he’s just a kid. In a way he’s right. However, there was far too much wisdom in this message to let go. The main point is that everyone has something to give and make this world better. Yet too many of us instead worry about our failures and how far we are from our goals.

Is that you? I don’t blame you. I’ve been there. If you’re reading this, you are most likely searching for ways to build your online presence and reach your internet marketing goals. Like the kid, I’m no expert yet. I’ve fallen short, and at times (many more than one) I have been ready and willing to give up. Every time I get to that point, it seems like someone reminds me that I need to persist. I CAN be successful if I believe it and if I am willing to keep going. As each day goes by, I begin reaping more of the benefits of this advice.

I now pass this reminder to you. You CAN succeed. It’s matter of having faith and knowing that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. It’s also a matter of not quitting, regardless of how much or little you’ve accomplished so far.

Take the lessons from the kid. If you’re at the point of giving up, know that you can create something that makes the world awesome. You can make a real difference if you believe you can, and you can reach the success you crave. You don’t have to┬álet the obstacles prevent you from doing so. Knowing this, I leave you with the question…what is that something?

Check out the video from the kid…

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