How To Maintain A Millionaire Mindset

I will share a great deal on this blog about the power of the mind. In fact, most of your success depends on your state of mind. It’s simple…if you feel successful and think thoughts of success, you will be successful.

Here’s one of the keys to maintaining thoughts of million dollar success. Do NOT think about HOW it’s going to happen. Simply place your full focus on exactly WHAT you want. When you focus completely on the what, or the exact goal, your subconscious mind gets a hold of it. The subconscious mind is connected with the God mind if you will, and will help you find the means to achieve the goal. Once again, your job is to focus completely on what you want. Then when you are prompted to act, take immediate action.

There are several methods that help keep your thoughts focused on success and achievement of your goal:

  • Affirmations – these are words and phrases you say over and over to yourself. The more you say them with positive feeling, the more they sink in to your subconscious and they become a part of you. For example…I intend to earn $200,000 this year; I intend to bring my weight to 170. I intend to publish 3 e-books this year, etc.
  • Visualization – Spend a few minutes at different times during the day visualizing the success you are seeking. Even if it’s just 2-5 minutes at a time, it will help you maintain that necessary focus.
  • Subliminal video/audio – Sometimes the subconscious mind resists the positive information you affirm to it. This is because it is so used to your previous limiting beliefs that it has taken them as truth. In order to make the beliefs about wealth and success true, you need to displace those negative ones. A great way to do this without resistance is through subliminal videos and audios. The reason this works so well is that the information being presented goes straight to the subconscious without any resistance. As a result, the required change is likely to happen much faster.

If you put these ideas to practice, you will quickly acquire a millionaire/success/health mindset. Remember, focus on WHAT you want, not how to get it. When you receive the impulse to act, do it immediately.

To help put this to practice, I will share two videos that have helped me in this area. They have subliminal messages, and include bin-aural beats that help enhance the meditative state. Please share your opinions of these videos. One is a quick on the go 6 minute video. The other is an entire hour one that you can use when you have more time to relax, or it can be used very effectively as you fall asleep. Check them out here…

Have an excellent day!

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