How To Make An Extra $10 A Day

I have recently become a fan of online forums, and have found some excellent information to help me in my online marketing efforts.

I found one post where someone actually asked the question in the above title. How can I make an extra $10 a day?, he asked. At first, you may not think $10 is a lot, especially if you are looking to make big money online. However, if you are just starting out, an extra $300 is certainly not bad at all. This extra money can not only boost your confidence, but can provide extra capital to spend on marketing efforts that can bring even greater success.

There are plenty of other ways to earn part time money (go apply at your local Walmart for example). However, if you are looking to accomplish this from the comfort of your own home on your own time, these tips will help.

What are some the suggested actions to make an additional $10 per day? Here are some tips that were listed:

  1. Freelance work – There are numerous sites where you can offer your services, such as freelance and elance.
  2. fiverr – same as above. You can ask $5 for almost any task or service possible. Think of a talent you have and advertise your services here.
  3. Website development – There are billions of tutorials and articles regarding SEO and website promotion and advertising. Spend some time in your “classroom”, put these tips to practice, and use tools like Google Adsense, and affiliate ads. In fact, if you don’t have the funds for your own hosted site right away, blogger (Google’s blogging platform) is free and easy, and automatically incorporates AdSense to your articles.
  4. Survey sites – There are many online survey sites that will pay a small fee for your opinion. This is a very tedious way to go about it, but you can make an extra $10 or more per day if you stick to it.
  5. Mystery shopping – I can vouch for this one. I consistently average $10 a day doing this. I will provide a full article on the benefits of mystery shopping in the very near future.
  6. Since I mentioned forums easier I will say…forums! After you contribute a certain amount of value, you are allowed a signature whenever you comment or add information. In this signature you can include a link to your site or product, thus increasing sales.

These are just a few suggestions. Do you have any further suggestions? Please feel free to comment and add your suggestions. I certainly hope your $10 per day soon becomes $100. Have an excellent day!

I will include a link to the forum thread I mentioned. Enjoy : )

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