No Money No Problem? A Review of the Truth

The work at home program “No Money No Problem”, is a program developed by the Home Biz Wiz, Frank Jones. It is designed to help the online marketing newbie as well as someone who has some experience and is looking for another way to make some money online. Check it out here…

I was somewhere in between when I decided to try this program. I had some experience selling online, but I hadn’t had a great deal of success, and this seemed like a simple program. I decided to give it a try.

I will say that if you are looking for something easy with very little investment necessary, this is a great program to start. You pay a one time fee of $47. Then another one time $10 fee is necessary for domain hosting, and another few dollars for the domain. You can buy .info and other domains for as little as $2 per year.

You definitely receive many resources for this investment. First, you are provided your own website. The same site that attracted me to buy the program is the one I use to promote to others. The best part about this program is the resources you are provided. Even if you never make a single sale, the resources you receive are alone worth the $47. Some of those include…ad and article writing tips, creating compelling headlines, how to promote using free advertising and safelists, and more. You are also provided a series of training videos which provide step by step instructions. Furthermore, you are provided a series of e-books which you can use to help yourself and even use as promotion tools.

Once you become a member, it is simply your job to promote the product to others. If someone buys the program from your website, you earn a 100% commission of $47. That’s right. All it takes is one sale to earn your investment back.

Ok, I know you are wondering if you can make money from this program. My answer is a definite yes. If you follow the guidelines that are provided you can and will make money. Please know that you will not strike it rich with this program, especially compared with some others. However, I have made sales. I had to spend some extra time to make them, but I know it is possible.

If there is a drawback to this program, it is first what I mentioned above. With the techniques provided, you need to do things the hard way. To his credit, Jones is trying to teach you to promote the product using free methods. I appreciated that, especially because I did not have a great amount of money to invest. The problem is that these methods take much longer to see results. Another drawback goes with a compliment. Jones provides so much helpful information. However, there is so much more that is left out. I understand that you can’t explain everything, but other helpful information will cost you. For example, he says that one tool that will enhance sales is a squeeze page. He offers to build the squeeze page for you, but it will cost you another $49. I’ve worked with other programs that show you how to do it yourself.

As far was whether this program will work for you, obviously that’s something you would need to decide. In case you are wondering, it is nothing close to a scam. Frank Jones takes your success seriously, and provides materials worth far more than the $47 you invest. As mentioned, these resources make the purchase worth it on their own. When you make sales, you get these resources along with your profit. You will just have to work a bit harder and be more creative to make a large number of sales.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive program that will provide lots of help in your online business, and make a decent income very possible, I suggest you try this program. You definitely won’t have a problem. Click here for more info…

Published: August 18, 2013, 20:03 | 5 Comments
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  1. Broker Fraud says:

    John Lawrence Allen got me more money back from brokerage houses than I could believe –

  2. You have done a great work by your honest review about this program

  3. Gary Jordan says:

    Thank you for an excellent review. I am very pleased about your comments. There are far too many scams and scandals out there today, and you really don’t know who to believe or trust anymore.

    Thank you!
    Gary Jordan

    • joed says:

      Thank you for the comment, Gary. This program has worked well for me. The best part is that Frank Jones has always been there to answer any questions when I needed help. You don’t get that with many programs :)

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