The other day, I was “pep-talked”. That’s right. I was provided some guided inspiration that I was made to dance and make a difference in this world, but it wasn’t going to happen by just sitting there.

The ironic thing is that this speech was from a kid. He claims he’s not that smart because he’s just a kid. In a way he’s right. However, there was far too much wisdom in this message to let go. The main point is that everyone has something to give and make this world better. Yet too many of us instead worry about our failures and how far we are from our goals.

Is that you? I don’t blame you. I’ve been there. If you’re reading this, you are most likely searching for ways to build your online presence and reach your internet marketing goals. Like the kid, I’m no expert yet. I’ve fallen short, and at times (many more than one) I have been ready and willing to give up. Every time I get to that point, it seems like someone reminds me that I need to persist. I CAN be successful if I believe it and if I am willing to keep going. As each day goes by, I begin reaping more of the benefits of this advice.

I now pass this reminder to you. You CAN succeed. It’s matter of having faith and knowing that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. It’s also a matter of not quitting, regardless of how much or little you’ve accomplished so far.

Take the lessons from the kid. If you’re at the point of giving up, know that you can create something that makes the world awesome. You can make a real difference if you believe you can, and you can reach the success you crave. You don’t have to let the obstacles prevent you from doing so. Knowing this, I leave you with the question…what is that something?

Check out the video from the kid…

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I often search the internet for excellent resources to help me and my readers grow their affiliate marketing business. I found one such resource that I had to share. It is called Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – The Ultimate Guide. It is an excellent resource with information such as choosing a niche, determining what to sell, affiliate marketing resources, selling strategies, and more. I would be ignorant not to share such an excellent resource that I will refer to on a regular basis,

Here is the link. As always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Have a great day :)

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

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I recently wrote an article about the benefits of using eBay Pulse to help determine what is best for you to sell on eBay. As I mentioned, it’s a great way to find great-selling items within your niche, and help you avoid selling items in oversaturated markets.

There are further options you can pursue in determining what to sell on eBay. I will discuss one particular place on the eBay site that is not often talked about. However, it’s extremely helpful. Part of determining what to sell is knowing what people want, right? This site is exactly that. It’s called “Want It Now”. It’s exactly what you need because it’s a listing of people stating exactly what they are looking for.

This Want It Now section can not only help you determine what to sell, but utilizing it correctly can actually help you distinguish yourself among other sellers. This is because you are focusing on one of the great success concepts of sales…you are catering to people’s needs. They are posting here because they’ve already looked on the eBay listings for what they want. Either they can’t find it, or they are not satisfied with what is available. If you utilize this section of eBay, you are in essence responding to people’s cry for help in finding a particular item. Even better, these are people who are ready and willing to buy. Show them you have what they need and provide good customer service, and you should have little difficulty making a sale.

If there is one difficulty on using this page, it is that the search function can be a bit too general. Unlike the main eBay page, you are better off using the category listing to find products along the lines of what you are selling. When you do this you will find the number of people searching for these items. Obviously the higher the number, the better. You can also break it down by subcategory to narrow your search and find those hidden gem niche items that people may be looking for.

It is amazing how many eBay sellers avoid utlizing this excellent resource. To me, it can’t be any more obvious. People are telling you exactly what you want, so why not respond and provide what they are looking for?

For more helpful selling advice, I recommend you check out this free e-book, How to Make Money on eBay. In the meantime, happy selling :)

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There is one question that is often asked by the widest range of eBay sellers, whether they’ve been selling for a while or just starting out. That question is… “what are the best items for me to sell”?

I’ve discussed this before in previous article. You want to stick to something you are familiar with and enjoy. I’ve also pointed out that if you’re not one of the most experienced sellers on eBay, you most likely want to avoid the highest profile items, such as electronics, brand name purses, videogames, and the like.

This is still not an easy solution though, as the questions still linger. Another question often follows up… “how do I figure out the best items for me to sell”? You’ve eliminated the high profile items and the ones you don’t feel comfortable selling. At this point you may also be done selling the extra items around the house, and are interested in pursuing a serious eBay business. Where do I go from here?

I will say that there are many resources you can use to determine products that would be good to sell on eBay. All you have to do is search Google and you will find countless people and resources to help. The problem with this is that there is so much information out there that it can become overwhelming. Another issue is that many of these sources charge money to receive access to them. Once you have developed an established eBay business, spending small amounts of money for these resources is a good idea. However, at this point I will assume that if you are reading this, you are looking to increase your capital first, and are probably seeking the most inexpensive and free ways to accomplish this.

In my experience, one of the most valuable resources of assistance I have received is found right on eBay itself. It’s called eBay Pulse. The purpose of eBay Pulse is to tell you what the most popular products are on eBay. It can also advise which products are TOO popular for you to sell, as in which products are already too saturated and are therefore more difficult if not impossible to break into and achieve success amongst the competition. On eBay itself, I often have difficulty in finding the page amidst all of the navigation. Here’s a shortcut that will take you right there..

When the Pulse page first comes up, the most important thing to remember about this list that you see at the top of the page is that it’s an excellent indicator of which products/brands NOT to sell on eBay. This is because, as mentioned previously, the market for these higher profile items is highly saturated. For various reasons (to be outlined in a later article), it is almost impossible to succeed with these items as you are competing against the most experienced eBay sellers.

The key in using eBay Pulse is in finding the hidden gems of what to sell. This is what I have had most success in using this resource, and I believe it is extremely valuable in helping you do the same. How? Find the area that says “Categories”. When you click on this you can further break it down into more detailed categories instead of using only the general ones. The next step is to find a category that you are interested in, and break it down as specifically as possible. You will then see a list of the most popular products within that subcategory. You can get some great ideas by doing this with one subcategory. However, the more you can break it down into several other subcategories, the more detailed information you can receive.

I my opinion, eBay Pulse is the easiest way to get started in researching specific items to sell. Determine what you would possibly be interested in selling, then break it down into various subcategories. You will see the most popular items and whether it is popular and profitable enough to look into selling.

There are other ways to research which items to sell. I will follow-up with articles of more helpful details. In the meantime, I recommend you check out this free e-book on how to increase your income and profits on eBay..

How To Make Money On eBay

Have an excellent day!

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It’s the end of another year. Time to reflect on our successes and failures, and start planning ahead for next year.

It would certainly help to have an idea of what to expect for the coming year. What are the expected trends, forecasts, etc? I did some research and found an excellent article that forecasts some potential trends for online marketing in 2014. Some of these trends include potential changes in email marketing, search marketing, SEO, and more.

For more details, I recommend you check out the article here…

Have an excellent day!


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There are many people using eBay to sell items and make money online. Some utilize it to make additional money by disposing of un-necessary items from around the house, while some utilize it as a full-time salary earning business.  This article is intended basically for the individuals who are fairly new to ebay, or those or who looking to take their expertise and success to the next level.

The most pressing consideration for those looking to make outstanding profits on eBay is about what to sell. Initially, it might be a simple response. Why not offer everything? However, the more you contemplate it, the more you most likely understand it might be best to be more specific on one or few items. It’s much simpler to deal with, especially at first, and you can focus your endeavors in one area rather than scatter your energies in different directions.

Another question once you narrow your focus is in choosing exactly what that focus will be. There are a few approaches to doing this, and I will layout those principles as well. The following is a rundown of ideas that can help you in addressing those waiting inquiries regarding what to offer. Here they are:

  • Start by selling things from home – The most ideal approach to get your feet wet with selling online is to offer some basic items from around your house. I began with a few CDs and video games that my children were no longer playing. It helped me get acquainted with the posting process, things that work and don’t, taking exceptional photographs, shipping, and so on. In case you need help in choosing what to sell, you can utilize eBay’s “Idea House” for helpful hints.
  • Garage/thrift Sales – I have made some excellent profits finding things at garage sales. The no longer treasures the item, yet it is one that numerous others might love to have. For instance, a Michael Jackson book not long after his death. You can find some extraordinary deals and then sell them on eBay. An alternate recommendation is to check free items on sites like Craigslist. I know some individuals who have done well there too.
  • Avoid the most popular items – It might appear enticing and logical
    to offer the most well known things on eBay. However, I will recommend that
    if you are beginning to sell on this site, you are best advised to stay
    away. Why? Essentially on the grounds that the market for these items is saturated, and the competition is fierce.
    You are basically selling against the best, the individuals who are highly experienced dealers and have the cash to purchase these items in bulk. You can see which items I’m talking about by checking the “Popular Items” area. The top 10 normally includes things like phones, video game systems, iPods, Coach handbags, and other popular items.
  • Research – You have to recognize what items are gaining sales and how much they are selling for. One place to find this data is on eBay itself. Check the “Completed Listings” area. It indicates sales that have finished
    and whether the items sold. If the writing is in red, it means the items didn’t sell . In the event that it’s green, it means the item sold successfully. It likewise shows the amount that it sold for, number of bids, and so on. In the event that an item has a lot of green, you know it can possibly sell well. If the price seems like it would be higher enough than what you paid for it, it’s something you can look into selling.
  • Assess the information - After you have finished a few auctions, be certain to evaluate what worked and maybe what didn’t. Decide you can do to improve your profits and make adjustments. In the event that you wish to be a successful eBay seller, you will do this on a consistent basis.

These are some basic ideas to help you get started with your selling endeavors. By following the above guidelines, you will allow yourself to determine what would be best for you to sell. I will follow up with more details to help you determine what’s best to sell, and how you can maximize your profits. In the meantime, I invite you to check out a previous article about the prospects of making money on eBay. The article includes a link to a free e-book you can use to take your eBay selling to the next level. Here’s link to the article…

How To Make Money on eBay

Until next time, I wish you the best : )

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Many people are seeking ways to make money online, and there are many different ways for them to choose. One easy way to begin this endeavor is by selling items on eBay. Many people today are making significant cash selling all types of products on eBay. With persistence and dedication, this is certainly possible for anyone.

Due to the fact that getting started and maintaining an eBay business is relatively simple, many people are seeking to make good money selling on this site. As a result, there is a great deal of competition, especially for popular items.

A question many people ask is, how can I ensure that my items will sell, and I can make a decent income on eBay? How can I bring more traffic to my listed items than those of the competition? I did some research, and found 5 common ideas that work best. These ideas are good for anyone, whether you are just starting out on eBay, or if you are experienced and looking to take the next step in your marketing efforts. I will also say that I have used these tips with my own auctions. I will be honest and tell you that I am not making hundreds of thousands of dollars yet. However, they have increased traffic to my auctions and have helped me maximize my profits.

Here are the 5 important steps:

  1. The most relevant title keywords – I have found that most people searching for items on eBay don’t do so by category listing. Instead, they use very specific search phrases. As a result, this will have a very high effect on whether you get the traffic you need to make a sale. It is important to focus on the most relevant key words and work from there. To help with this, eBay has several tools on their eBay Research Labs to help match relevant keywords with what you are trying to sell. You can also take a look at which keywords other successful sellers are using to help determine which ones to use.
  2. Spell it right – This may seem obvious, but you will lose so many potential visitors (I am told up to 80%) if you have the slightest misspelling. You will also severely decrease potential profits because you won’t have a high amount of bids.
  3. Is free shipping better? – There is much debate in this area. However, I will say that as a buyer, this is sometimes the determining factor for me in choosing who to buy from. In my opinion it is more customer friendly, and can go further to gain the good graces of potential customers.
  4. Timing is everything – It is a fact that most of the bids on your items will come in the last hours and minutes of your auction. Do you want that time to be when most people are asleep? Or do you want it to be during a prime viewing time? I think the answer is obvious, and you’ll want to make sure the end time is when you will have the maximum target audience.
  5. The right price – This aspect takes some planning and calculating. You will want to offer your items at an attractive price that will still bring you maximum profit. This will take knowing your up-front costs, and other things like packaging, shipping, etc.

These tips may seem very basic to some of you. However, I will say that they go a long way in maximizing traffic to your listings and bringing maximum sales and profits. As mentioned earlier, I believe they can help the eBay beginner as well as the experienced seller.

I wish you the best in your eBay endeavors. If you are seeking further information and tips to jumpstart your eBay success, I recommend you check out this article….

How to Make Money on eBay

Best of luck to you : )

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We all crave for greater freedom, don’t we? I would say the main reason I am building an online business is so I can enjoy greater freedom with my finances and my time. I think most of you would agree.

As a result, I am always seeking excellent advice about how I can get there faster. I was sent a link from Charlie Page. If you don’t know him, he is a very successful online marketer with some of the best products on the internet. He wrote an article about ways to move yourself towards the freedom you crave. I thought it would be a great idea to share with my readers here…

Here’s to your success. Have an excellent day : )


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“Any goal fixed firmly in the mind and mixed with faith will be realized”.  - Joseph Murphy.

I often refer to the above quote when I begin to doubt or if I need a quick inspiration. I have seen too much proof of its truth in my life for me not to believe it. I now pass it on to you. Simply visualize your goal and its successful completion as often as possible. KNOW that it will come to pass at the right time and it will. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s to your success…

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No one wants to waste money, do they? I wouldn’t think so. However, there are many small ways that people spend money unnecessarily. Sometimes you do so without even realizing it.

Wasting valuable money is never a good thing. Many people starting an online business don’t have much money to start with, and need all they can get for start-up and advertising costs.

The following example is a helpful one in helping to determine unnecessary costs. It is an article from Dave Ramsey that shares 10 things the typical American wastes money on. I agree with most of these. You may not agree with all, but I find the article very valuable in helping me find other areas of my life where I am spending money on things I don’t exactly need to. This is money I can be using towards my own online costs, or other areas such as food, repairs, etc. Please feel free to share and add any others you can think of. The link is below. Have an excellent day : )

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